Ever since a baby. there has always been a dog in my life, my Mother and Father always had at least one. My first recollection of a dog was "Rusty", from all accounts this tri-coulour sheepdog was my gaurdian through out my early years until school. After Rusty came "Rebel", and after Rebel I managed to convince my mother that I should have my own dog. That dog was "Laddie", I had travelled to view a litter of what I expected to be Rough Collies only to find they were Working Sheepdogs. Needless to say I could not leave him behind and the rest you might say is history. Laddie was the start, and sometime latter followed my first registered Border Collie, "Tipp". Tilehouse Tipp became my first Show Champion, since then I have had the pleasure to own many show champions including the breed record holder, Sh Ch Tonkory Palmerston at Fayken.

Today I have the honour of being the Kennel Club Border Collie BreedLiasion Representative - a resposnibility I take extremely seriously.

Fayken Border Collies is the registered kennel name of Mr Ross Green and Mrs Vicki Green.

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